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Graham Hancock War God Epub File

graham hancock war god epub file


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We never expected to find such a fleet, especially so far from the Nile, said David OConnor, the expedition leader and curator of the Egyptian Section of the University Museum of the University of Pennsylvania& [27] The boats were buried in the shadow of a gigantic mud-brick enclosure, thought to have been the mortuary temple of a Second Dynasty pharaoh named Khasekhemwy, who had ruled Egypt in the twenty-seventh century BC. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly.. They had hoped to return in 1992 to continue the excavations, but there had been various hitches and, in 1993, the dig was still being postponed. Kitchen, Pharaoh Triumphant: The Life and Times of Ramesses II, Aris and Phillips, Warminster, 1982, pp. Ibid., p. Fingerprints of the Gods, Sample chapter: Chapter 52 By Graham Hancock Like a Thief in the Night There are certain structures in the world, certain ideas, certain intellectual treasures, that are truly mysterious. Sections of its walls were floor-lit by low-wattage electric bulbs; otherwise the only illumination was that which the pharaohs architects had originally planned: a few isolated shafts of sunlight that penetrated through slits in the outer masonry like beams of divine radiance. Suppose, for example, that there was not time to make proper preparations prior to the catastrophe.


Proposition (a)-that the core edifice of the Osireion had been built millennia before Setis time-rests on the nature of the architecture itself. See Henry Frankfort, The Cenotaph of Seti I at Abydos, 39th Memoir of the Egypt Exploration Society, London, 1933, p. Apart from the Valley Temple and other cyclopean edifices on the Giza plateau, no other building remotely resembling the Osireion is known from any other epoch of Egypts long history. Atlas of Ancient Egypt, p. Lt Colonel Ohlmeyers reply was a bombshell.


The remains of similar scenes in the southern transverse chamber. This process is automatic. The notion of their being moored was taken so seriously that an irregularly shaped small boulder was found placed near the prow or stern of several boat graves. Then, under the direction of Professor Naville of the Egypt Exploration Fund, a long transverse chamber was cleared, at the end of which, to the north-east, was found a massive stone gateway made up of cyclopean blocks of granite and sandstone. 160-1. Into the huge thickness of this wall were set the 17 cells mentioned in Navilles report. [11] This hypogeum, wrote Margaret Murray, appears to Professor Petrie to be the place that Strabo mentions, usually called Strabos Well. Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers by Gigenet. Unfortunately, the First World War intervened and no archaeology could be undertaken in Egypt for several years. Nevertheless, I had made this journey because the science of prophecy is still believed to be alive among the Hopi: Pueblo Indians, distantly related to the Aztecs of Mexico, whose numbers have been reduced by attrition and misery to barely 10,000.


Purchase links Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon CA Kindle US, UK Barnes & Noble Audiobook [abridged] Indiebound Books-a-Million Japanese Editions Read Chapter 45 of Fingerprints of the Gods Read Chapter 52 of Fingerprints of the Gods Table of Contents of Fingerprints of the Gods Fingerprints of the Gods; Sample chapter: Chapter 45 By Graham Hancock The Works of Men and Gods Among the numberless ruined temples of Ancient Egypt, there is one that is unique not only for its marvellous state of preservation, which (rare indeed!) includes an intact roof, but for the fine quality of the many acres of beautiful reliefs that decorate its towering walls. Twenty years on, Hancock returns with Magicians of the Gods, the sequel to his seminal work. Near the end of the last Ice Age 12,800 years ago, a giant comet that had entered the solar system from deep space thousands of years earlier, broke into multiple fragments. Strangely enough, the Jewish historian Josephus (who wrote during the first century AD) attributes precisely this behaviour to the clever and prosperous inhabitants of the antediluvian world who lived before the Flood in a happy condition without any misfortunes falling upon them: They also were the inventors of that peculiar sort of wisdom which is concerned with the heavenly bodies, and their order. Im sure wed want to say more than just Kilroy was here. The Splendour that was Egypt, pp. Later, however, beaten down by the huge floods and other disturbances of the earth which took place in the eleventh millennium BC, the cult would have been obliged to cut its losses and withdraw until the turmoil of the Ice Age was over never knowing whether its message would survive the subsequent dark epochs. I had traveled a long road to get here, I realized far longer than the 300-mile freeway that had whisked us up into these austere badlands from Phoenix, the state capital. Isnt this precisely what one would expect of buildings not erected by any historical pharaoh but dating back to prehistoric times? Doesnt it make sense of the mysterious way in which the Sphinx and the Valley Temple, and now the Osireion as well, seem to have become vaguely connected with the names of particular pharaohs (Khafre and Seti I), without ever yielding a single piece of evidence that clearly and unequivocally proves those pharaohs built the structures concerned? Arent the tenuous links much more indicative of the work of restorers seeking to attach themselves to ancient and venerable monuments than of the original architects of those monuments-whoever they might have been and in whatever epoch they might have lived? Setting sail across seas of sand and time Before leaving Abydos, there was one other puzzle that I wanted to remind myself of. As the reader will recall, the gods became jealous at the rapid progress made by these upstart humans who had succeeded in seeing, succeeded in knowing, all that there is in the world.

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